You could make an argument that the United Kingdom has had the single greatest influence on music out of all the countries in history, since American media is reflected around the world and the UK sound has had the greatest influence on American media. Here we’ll try to narrow it down to the true titans of UK music.

#10> Duran Duran

Worldwide record sales: 70 million

The band that flat out invented UK New Wave. They started out as a boy band everybody assumed would fizzle out in a year. Instead, their videos and continuous output are still as ground-breaking and fresh as they were in the 80s.

#9> Deep Purple

Worldwide record sales: 100 million

The psychedelic acid-rock band that stuck around. At the fringe between heavy metal and mainstream rock, their rock-steady line-up through the decades led them to be one of the most definitive bands of the classic rock era.

#8> David Bowie

Worldwide record sales: 100 million

A man who reinvented himself with every album, the enigmatic Bowie recently passed away leaving worldwide fans remembering him as the Starman, the Thin White Duke, Ziggy Stardust, and other nicknames from his fantasy closet. Bowie was more than a musician, he was an actor and performance artist, trying on a series of unforgettable personas.

#7> Pink Floyd

Worldwide record sales: 200 million

The definitive progressive psychedelic band, Pink Floyd has seen a continuous worldwide fan following for several generations. Their genre-less, untamed experimentation and emotion-laden music have given them radio hits in every decade.

#6> The Rolling Stones

Worldwide record sales: 200 million

They steadily cranked out one chart-smashing hit after another, becoming the default classic rock band. Their legacy is unmatched, so much so that the biggest magazine covering modern music is named after them.

#5> Rod Stewart

Worldwide record sales: 300 million

The heartthrob of generations, Rod Stewart’s gravely voice has crooned its way onto chart-topping hits in decade after decade. He has set the standard for adult contemporary music worldwide.

#4> Queen

Worldwide record sales: 300 million

Subject of a recent biography movie as just one of the hallmarks of their legacy, Queen, led by the larger-than-life Freddie Mercury, carved out a lasting niche for themselves in glam rock. Their dazzling style and broad range cranked out hits of every style of music current to them, and invented a few of their own.

#3> Led Zeppelin

Worldwide record sales: 300 million

While having one of the shortest careers of any band on this list, they owned their time period with a tighter grip than any other. During their album production, either you knew a Led Zeppelin song or you simply did not know rock ‘n’ roll. Their sound was so consistent that virtually every song on every album was a worldwide hit.

#2> Elton John

Worldwide record sales: 350 million

The jazzy piano rocker has had a decades-long career of astonishing fortitude. Generations of fans continue to pack his concerts, and his mainstream rock sound has kept true to his original style while yielding just enough to keep up with the current style. No matter what decade or style of music is popular, he always bends it to match his own.

#1> The Beatles

Worldwide record sales: 600 million

There’s nothing to say about the Beatles that hasn’t been said already. A group that broke up too soon to please people, each of the original Fab Four went on to solo careers that themselves out[performed most bands in history. It’s no wonder they were a worldwide phenomenon, and their legacy is immeasurable upon music up until now and for generations to come.