The Music of The Adult Industry: The Art of Porn Music

It is no exaggeration to say that the world as an obsession with porn. Spoilt for options by our internet overload, most people from the civilized society are just ever a couple of clicks away from seeing plenty of penetration. However, in spite of its billion-dollar status, most consumers hardly regard the production values of the videos they’re seeing. Even less would likely consider the sound behind all the ‘action.’

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Websites like PornHub and Xvideos dominate traffic numbers, with a large number of different visitors every month, predominating the likes of ESPN, CNN, and Reddit. Put essentially: you watch porn, so does everyone else.



At first look, music, and seem to make peculiar associates (or, if you are slanted, awkward fuckbuddies). For what reason would you care about what’s going into your ears when you jack off, in any case? However, much as smell, taste, and touch — depending on your inclination—can upgrade your sexual pleasure, music can elevate your sexual desire. Dr. Chauntelle Anne Tibbals, an author, sociologist, and porn expert, said the appropriate aural incitement could be critical to a successful smut experience.

Rarely, however, do we pay mind to one part of pornography that, as mentioned by those in the business, ties the soul of the scenes together: the music. In a way, it is understandable: Who has time to watch boring porn with no music to enrage the atmosphere? In today’s world of commodified fetish pornography, you can stream on your smartphones, few among us lean toward the high-budget porn sound-tracked by some bow-chicka-bow-wow over gritty cellphone footage of bukkake in some cellar in Iowa.

However, some composers still produce unique music for porno, directors who ask for it, specialists who study it, and viewers for whom music still denotes an essential part of the experience.

The idea of contemporary pornography music has not gone unnoticed inside the industry itself. The AVN (Adult Video News) Awards usually come up every year and the awards stand for recognizing fineness in the world of pornographic video since 1984. Sometimes, they call them ‘the of the pornography world.’ ‘Best Musical Score’ and ‘Best Music’ in a porno are two AVN categories that could go to a film or film’s writer, with the category of ‘Best Original Song’ in a porn movie added in 2009.

The current over-saturation of pornography—everything from personal webcams in college quarters to hundred-thousand-dollar feature-movie shoots in rented Hollywood mansions — has been an advantage to the music side of things. For each amateur-hour spousal POV, there is a full-length feature, and keeping in mind that the first won’t require much in the way of atmospherics, the latter always will.

So it goes, the pornography business in some ways had grown splendidly from when it initially entered the commercial circle. From Gerard Damiano’s consummately composed soundtrack coordinating the thrust of every actor to a melodic match to slapping skin in ‘Not Another Porn Movie,’ it appears that music is still a vital production value of pornography. Whatever structure it might come in, it is evident that porn music can have similarly as an integral penetrative as all the penis.